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(Translated by Google) Tasty dishes and quite "light" in fat compared to other Chinese restaurants. Much appreciated feeling of authenticity. Reasonable prices for the neighborhood, hearty dishes. Beware, however, of the chilli pepper, which is strong enough for Western palates! A pleasant discovery, we will return. (Original) Plats goûteux et assez "allégés" en matières grasses comparativement à d'autres restaurants chinois. Sensation d'authenticité très appréciée. Prix raisonnables pour le quartier, plats copieux. Attention toutefois au piment, assez appuyé pour des palais occidentaux ! Une agréable découverte, nous reviendrons.

2 months ago
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3 months ago
alun Chen noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The food is delicious but there is still no hot pot today, the kind of red pot that makes soup by myself, what a pity... (Original) 東西好吃但是今天還是沒有火鍋,自己湯的那種紅鍋,可惜啊…

3 months ago
Tchi H. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) One of my favorite restaurants in Paris! The location is comfortable, the service is super good, it can be seen that they are very careful in making all kinds of meals, basically there are no shortcomings✨ It's a pity that we may never be able to eat their hot pot in the future, so let's eat and cherish it~~! (Original) 巴黎最爱的餐馆之一!位置舒适,服务超好,看得出来他们是非常用心地做各种餐品,基本上没有缺点✨ 可惜可能以后再也吃不到他们家的火锅了,大家且吃且珍惜~~!

3 months ago
Si Xu noted on Google

Nice food

4 months ago
Naomi Wu noted on Google

4 months ago
Jean-Pierre Saint-Aimé noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very spicy dishes are really… very spicy!!! 😀😀😀 (Original) Les plats très épicés sont vraiment … très épicés !!! 😀😀😀

4 months ago
Erwan E noted on Google

4 months ago
Yann Feliz noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Good restaurant, authentic Chinese food 😍 (Original) Bon restaurant, authentique cuisine chinoise 😍

4 months ago
audrey pan noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The self-service hot pot is delicious, I have eaten at this restaurant more than a dozen times! Very recommended! It has always been a five-star praise in my heart! But when I went to eat two days ago, I was told that my beloved bamboo fungus would not be added, and I could only order it once per table, so I only gave a little bit, about five pieces, very sad! ! ! ! It really hurt me, without this to add, hot pot is meaningless! I really want to repurchase this store infinitely for the bamboo fungus, but I can't add it, it's not enough to eat! ! Broke my heart! ! Very sad! ! ! But overall it was delicious! You can also eat a lot of side dishes for 35 euros, and the waitress is very nice! Adds to our soup often! ! Very warm hearted! ! ! Great praise! ! ! (Original) 自助火锅挺好吃的,这家店吃了十几次啦!很推荐!本来一直是我心里的五星好评!但是前两天去吃的时候告知我心爱的竹荪不给添加,一桌只能点一次,才给了一点点,大概五条,很悲伤!!!!实在是伤到我了,没有这个可以添加,火锅都没意义了!真的是为了竹荪无限回购这家店,但不能加,不够吃根本不够!!伤到老客我的心了!!很痛心!!!但是总的来说还是很好吃的!35欧还可以吃好多好多小菜,服务员小姐姐非常好人!经常给我们加汤!!很热心肠!!!大好评!!!

4 months ago

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