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Erwan E noted on Google

6 months ago
Yann Feliz noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Good restaurant, authentic Chinese food 😍 (Original) Bon restaurant, authentique cuisine chinoise 😍

6 months ago
audrey pan noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The self-service hot pot is delicious, I have eaten at this restaurant more than a dozen times! Very recommended! It has always been a five-star praise in my heart! But when I went to eat two days ago, I was told that my beloved bamboo fungus would not be added, and I could only order it once per table, so I only gave a little bit, about five pieces, very sad! ! ! ! It really hurt me, without this to add, hot pot is meaningless! I really want to repurchase this store infinitely for the bamboo fungus, but I can't add it, it's not enough to eat! ! Broke my heart! ! Very sad! ! ! But overall it was delicious! You can also eat a lot of side dishes for 35 euros, and the waitress is very nice! Adds to our soup often! ! Very warm hearted! ! ! Great praise! ! ! (Original) 自助火锅挺好吃的,这家店吃了十几次啦!很推荐!本来一直是我心里的五星好评!但是前两天去吃的时候告知我心爱的竹荪不给添加,一桌只能点一次,才给了一点点,大概五条,很悲伤!!!!实在是伤到我了,没有这个可以添加,火锅都没意义了!真的是为了竹荪无限回购这家店,但不能加,不够吃根本不够!!伤到老客我的心了!!很痛心!!!但是总的来说还是很好吃的!35欧还可以吃好多好多小菜,服务员小姐姐非常好人!经常给我们加汤!!很热心肠!!!大好评!!!

6 months ago
Christian Kong noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Chongqing noodles with additional braised beef and dried tripe: we can feel that particular attention has been paid to the preparation of the broth (complex and tasty) and the meats, which ultimately results in a very tasty dish! Thank you!👍 (Original) Nouilles de Chongqing avec supplément bœuf braisé et tripes séchées : on sent qu'une attention particulière à été apportée à la préparation du bouillon (complexe et goûteux) et des viandes, ce qui donne au final un plat très goûteux ! Merci !👍

7 months ago
AHA J noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The lo-mei rice is still delicious as always, but the chicken heart in the lo-mei platter is not good, and the refrigerator smell is very strong. I suggest the boss check this product, everything else is pretty good. praise. (Original) 卤味饭还是一如既往地好吃,但是卤味拼盘里的鸡心很不行,冰箱味非常重,建议老板检查下这个的出品,别的都挺好的。好评。

7 months ago
ZHOU noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Chongqing small noodles are delicious (Original) 重庆小面很够味

7 months ago
F Y noted on Google

The food is good but could be fresher. It’s great but a bit expensive.

7 months ago
David R. noted on Google

7 months ago
T Yo noted on Google

Authentic Chongqing flavours including delicious desserts. Noodles are the reason to eat here and there are many customisation options (spice level, with or without soup etc.). The beef ragout and fried egg are great options to add to your choice of noodles.

7 months ago
Nathan noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Good Szechuan restaurant, the dishes are well done, the ravioli in particular are very good. The levels of pepper seem quite random, depending on the dishes it was not always equivalent or very consistent with what was requested. Overall it is to be expected that it is well raised, except to ask for no pepper at all I suppose. Service level on the other hand is rather light. No issues to report but not the best experience either. (Original) Bon restaurant sichuanais, les plats sont bien faits, les raviolis notamment sont très bien. Les niveaux de piment semblent assez aléatoires, selon les plats ça n'était pas toujours équivalent ni très cohérent avec ce qui était demandé. Globalement il faut s'attendre à ce que ce soit bien relevé, sauf à demander sans piment du tout je suppose. Niveau service par contre c'est plutôt light. Pas de problème à signaler mais pas la meilleure expérience non plus.

8 months ago

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